Conditions of participation :

In order to be eligible for the content, the participant must respect the following conditions:

  1. Submit an apartment review on the website of Should You Rent? Inc. ( or; “the website”) between July 1st 2015 and the day the Facebook page ( reaches 500 “Likes” (‘contest period”).
  2. The submitted review must be approved by Should You Rent? Inc. staff. In order to be approved, the review’s content must be true, objective, and have some sort of usefullness for the general renter’s community. The content must fall in line with Should You Rent?‘s core values, such as : community, mutual aid, respect
  3. The participant must use a valid email address in order to register on the website.
  4. The contest is reserved exclusively for Quebec residents.
  5. The contest is reserved for people 18 years old or older, at the time of winner selection.
  6. The participant must not be an employee or an affiliate of Should You Rent? Inc.

Prize :

A set of wax candle-holders (« the prize »), worth $130 CAD will be shipped by mail, at Should You Rent? Inc.‘s expense

Winner selection:

Each review submitted and approved during the contest period will have an equal chance of winning. Therefore, each participant may boost their winning chances by submitting more than one review. However, only one review per participant is accepted per home address. In other words, the participant who submits more than one review for the same residential address will not benefit from additional winning chances through these additional reviews.

The winner will be designated the day the Facebook page reaches 500 “likes”.

A database including all eligible reviews will be compiled and a identification number will be assigned to each. A neutral software will choose the winning number at random. The owner of the email address associated with the review will be contacted by email.

Once contacted, the winner will have three (3) days to claim his prize, by submitting a delivery address in Quebec. If the prize is not claimed by the winner, a second contestant will be designated as a winner using the same modalities presviously described. If the prize is still not claimed, a third and final winner will be designated, using the same modalities. If the final participant does not claim the prize, the contest will be cancelled.

Final Note :

A disagreement with regards to the organization or the conduct of the present contest may be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux in order to decide its issue. A disagreement with regards to the attribution of the prize may be submitted to the Régie only in order to attempt to resolve the issue.

Content updated on 2015-09-06