Landlords and property managers can gain access to their respective apartment listings and customize its content. There are two parts to this process

  1. Claiming ownership of your apartment page (free)
    1. Claiming your listing
    2. Submit your contact information
  2. Upgrading your apartment page (paid)
    1. Request to unlock new features
    2. Select a package (e.g., yearly)
    3. (optional) Enter all your custom apartment information
    4. Redirect to payment processor
    5. Complete payment

Claiming your apartment page

Click on one of the two links labelled “Claim” or “Is this your apartment?”, as illustrated below

Claim your apartment

Fill out and submit the form that appears next. Please fill out enough information for us to be able to confirm that this apartment indeed belongs to you. For example, specify the name of the company that manages the property. Be sure to provide a valid phone number, we might need to contact you in order to verify your identity.

Submit your contact information

Once the verification process is done, you will then be listed as the owner of the specified apartment. This grants you the right to respond to all published reviews.

If you qualify for our free services (i.e., you manage 3 rental units or less), your apartment page will automatically be upgraded (no need to go through the steps below).

Upgrade your apartment page

Once you are listed as the owner of an apartment page, a new menu appears on the right sidebar. Look for “Unlock more features”.

Upgrade your listing

This will take you to your apartment control panel. Here, you can select whether you want a paid or free listing. Remember, free listings can only respond to reviews.

In order to add your contact information, pictures, and available apartments (among other things), you must select a paid plan (see below).

Choose a package

This will refresh your page, and show you most of the information you can now edit (with the acceptation of adding/removing available apartments). You can choose to enter all this information now, or come back to it later. Anyhow, for this information to be published, you will need to complete your payment.

To proceed, click “Submit your information” on the bottom of the page.

This will take you to a “Preview” page. If you have submitted any information in the previous form, you will be able to preview your changes before continuing.

Click “Checkout to Upgrade Now”.

Checkout to upgrade


Enter a coupon, if applicable, and click “Update Coupon”. This will update the total price.

Then, click on “Proceed to Paypal” to be directed to the PayPal website.

(Note: At the moment, only Paypal is available. This allows you to pay securely with your PayPal account or credit card number.)

Step 3: Confirm payment

Proceed with your payment. Enter your credentials to complete the payment. Once the payment is made, your apartment listing will be upgraded, and you will be able to fully customize your listing.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us